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“We are just beginning of new era, just like in the early years when TV box sets were invented.

Digital platform is the way forward to reach and engage the best audiences.

Gary V.

Several decades ago, the mainstream media like TV, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper were considered as the main source for people to get information, to be entertained with the available content. Back then, those platforms were getting a lot of attention by millions of people and advertisers flock in to reached and engaged with their target market.

Over time, the cost to advertised on such platform has gone beyond the reach for local businesses with a minimal budget. Heck, even the big brands also find it very challenging to maintain their budget on media buying.

Things have changed and evolved, Kodak the filmmaker no longer a consumer product. Nokia, once a giant name in the mobile phone industry now fell on their knees struggling to cater to the market that they used to capitalize. New tech coming in, and so does the new trend for the new generation.

That also includes social media platform from Friendster, Myspace to the hybrid version of them like Facebook, Instagram. Now such social platform the main attention for the majority of people.

With the social platform, local business owners could leverage and stay connected with the prospective customers or clients, and of course, the end result would be helping them to purchase your offering.

However, without proper setup and constant maintenance, the result will not be encouraging. Hence, having a team will be dedicated their and effort to built and enhance the relationship with fellow netizens.

The following are among the top 7 benefits and advantages of having a social media team to complement your marketing strategy.


It’s not a secrets anymore, let face it, if your personal posting is less than 2% engagement on Facebook or Instagram the chances for people to see your posting on the main feed them will be slim. 

Having a dedicated team with the right skill sets and sound knowledge on digital relation would allow them to be more focus on their work and be more creative in putting in the right content (article, pictures, videos) for the likers or followers (audiences). 

Putting up a posting is not as easy you may think. Well, sometimes it does. But with a dedicated team, proper research allow them to understand which content that could get the best attention and ultimately give the audience more values to share with their peers.


According to Seth Godin, the author of  “Permission Marketing”,  a brand just need only 1,000 loyal raving fans to make that 1 million dollar sale within a year if each customer spends 100 dollars a month within a year. 

Of course, when it comes to brand building time is the essence. Having your own platform social channel is also like owning your own media with minimal cost of operation. However just like the conventional media like TV and Radio the key to success is to have constant attention from your fans with your is to have engaging, relevant and consistent content which in return allow your brand to be the on top of your audience mind.

Regardless whether you having your own social media marketing team or you outsource it to a digital marketing agency like us; having so could allow your brand to grow (sometimes outrun your competitors) by nurturing relationship with your potential market customer or clients.

3. focus

When it comes to developing your social media content it’s involved a lot of time, creativity juice ideation process, testing method and frequent monitoring.

The “hit and run” strategy would not be effective as most social platform algorithms placed a high priority in engaging content or posting.

If you have a dedicated team in your digital marketing arsenal, this would allow your business to have the upper hand in strategising in more effective content.

Of course, you may think you are able to do it yourself, however, if you are like others successful business owners, most of them know that delegation of tasks would allow you to be more focus thing that what you are good at and save more time.

4. Reputation management

Your business brand name its just one tweet away. Now imagine if you have a customer that have 10,000 followers complaining about your products or your services and the news spread like wildfire. Will you be able to manage the conversation by yourself if you are too busy with your main task?

Or do you react instead of choosing to respond to it? Having a trained social media team would give you business some edge in managing such issue in real-time to tone down the conversation if responded in a good manner.

And if you engage a social media marketing agency like us we will also able to monitor your brand reputation and understand further what do people talk about your brand online.

Are they having negative experience in using your products? or are they saying positive things like giving a good review by sharing their experience on Youtube?

Here is the sample report of how we monitor our clients brand conversation.

Having such insights and data would allow you to improvise or fix the marketing tactics while optimizing your offering to the market.

5. Effective strategy & Tactics in getting more sales.

Like many startup business or small brand, most of us will face various challenges in getting new sales as well as sustaining it.

This is due to the fact that we have very limited resources such as limited capital, limited skillset and also limited experience in marketing our offering.

Like most of us will jump straight into various tactics in getting those instant sales.

Trial and error could work but it also could drain up our saving and give a huge impact to our business cashflow.

Ad-hoc marketing tactics like hard selling and constant promotion posting on your social media platform might make the prospect market shy away from your brand.

A tactic could probably give you a one-off sale,  but a strategy would give multiples ways to monetize and have repeated sales.

Hence, you need various strategy to attract the prospect market into a journey in buying your offering. 

Your in house social media marketing personnel may only focus on regular content creation but the content creation alone couldn’t pay your bill nor bring more sales.

when you have a  team, you might want to consider how your team could to bring that enquiry of your businesses or interested leads to purchase your offering.

6. Leveraging on skills set & Experience.

Social media marketing is one of the categories in digital marketing. Yup, digital marketing is huge topics.

Twenty years ago it was known as Internet marketing and not many people really jump into it.

If you want to master social media marketing such may need the following skillsets.

  • Copywriting.
  • Visual designing.
  • Understanding the psychology of marketing.
  • Understanding data behaviour.
  • Understanding the platform.
  • Understanding the fundamental of advertising.
  • Video making.
  • Storytelling.
  • Research and creative ideation.
  • Monitoring and optimising.

It is quite sad to see some company just hand over the task above to the IT guy. Indeed they are very technical and related to information technology, however social media marketing you need to have combination of both. Arts & Sciences.

7. Attract More Potential Sales 

From a business perspective, which one is considered high value?

Having someone who can handle social media content management with beautiful design or having someone who can bring more business revenue with social media marketing?

Well, if you asked me I will more willing to invest in someone that brings revenue to the business.

With the current COVID 19 pandemic situation, where most businesses are still waiting and fearful to expand their marketing, now is the best time to be ahead of your business competitors with social media marketing.

Having internal social media personnel is great however you need to know he or she needs to be a strategist as well to strategize your marketing game plan in crafting your sales campaign. 

While outsourcing it to a digital marketing agency like us, we are driven by the growth of the business that we serve. In other words, if your business excel, we will have a good case study and proud of it.😊